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F.E.A.R (For Everything A Reason) Paranormal Society provides a comprehensive approach to paranormal investigations using historical research through witness interviews and the latest audio, video and photographic technology. Our investigators seek to understand the nature of the reported paranormal activity as well as the causes. Our mission is to gather evidence whether that evidence points to a natural or paranormal cause. Our only purpose is to find the TRUTH! Our services are always free of charge.

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Yoakum Hospital Possessed Bird Case Villasca Axe Murder House Myrtles Plantation Parkdale Cemetery Kendrick House Catfish Plantation DrPepper Museum

About F.E.A.R Paranormal Society

F.E.A.R Paranormal Society was founded in March 2011 by Selena Roane.

Selena is the founder and lead investigator of FEAR Paranormal Society, and host of Close to Death on DTM Wicked Radio. She was also included as an investigator in the ‘Shadows of 66’ documentary with Brad and Barry Klinge and Chip Coffey. In addition to this she is a lecturer and has spoken at various paranormal conferences. Her interest in the paranormal started at a young age when she experienced accurate prophetic dreams. Her passion for the field intensified with the loss of her mom in 2004 and her best friend in 2012. She has recently discovered she is an empath and is focusing on developing that ability. Selena is dedicated to giving back to those in the community through volunteer work, hosting fundraisers and helping others. The entire F.E.A.R team is also passionate about working with other paranormal teams and supporting para unity.

F.E.A.R Blog

Read about our past and upcoming investigations as well as interesting articles related to the paranormal research and discovery field.